It’s still 2017 resolutions

The best thing about the Christmas/New Years break is not the 3 weeks off work, it’s not the time spent with family, it’s not the road trips to the coast, the enormous amount of food that I eat or the guilt free hangovers on a weekday.  The best thing for me is the seemingly infinite optimism when I think about what I can achieve in the coming year.  It turns out that in my seemingly infinite optimism I committed to new years resolutions.  Notice the plural.  And not just a couple.  But 20.  What was I thinking?  (If you really want to find out you can read about them here).

Ten months into 2017 I can confidently say that I have half achieved a couple of them and not made a start on most.  But you can tell that it’s getting close to the end of year break when that optimism starts creeping back.  Is it too late to achieve all 20?  I regretted the moment that thought popped into my head.  I knew it sounded crazy, but I also knew that I had to do it.

So when I got to my desk this morning I started making a game plan on how I am actually going to hit all of my 2017 resolutions.  They broadly fall into 3 categories.

First, there are resolutions that involve upholding something every day for the entire year.  Things like no fast food, meditate every day, or keep my desk clean.  There is not much I can do to change the past, so I will be keeping these for the remaining 82 days of this year.

Second, there are resolutions that involve doing something a couple of times a week.  These are things that I can cram at the end of the year, so when you average it out it looks like hit that resolution.  So 20 push ups a day now equates to 84 per day (I estimated that I have done circa 500 pushups in the past 10 months), and I will be seeing an average of 4.7 movies per week, which means I cannot avoid kids movies without adult innuendo jokes or this years attempts to put a new spin on a Christmas movie.

And third, there are resolutions that are huge projects which I only felt comfortable committing to because I had a whole year to achieve them.  Things like run a marathon, start a business, learn basic Japanese, write and perform at a stand up open mic, learn basic accounting and speed reading.  These are huge projects on their own.  Unfortunately this was my favourite type of resolution to make because they sounded good.

I think the hardest resolution to complete is running the marathon.  There are 2 more marathons in Queensland this year.  Both of which are in October and neither of which I will be ready for.  So on new years eve I will plot out 42 km around Brisbane and run my own marathon, at which time I hope the sense of achieving my other 19 resolutions will be enough to get me across the line.

Whether this is the best or worse idea I have had all year, you’ll have to wait to find out in some hungover reading on new years day.

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