Getting Down to Business

My attention span is short.  I get super excited about ideas that eventually fade away in a couple of days.  I think this is one of the main reasons why I don’t have any strong hobbies.  I work feverishly on setting up an online t-shirt store, or writing a book, or learning to code, and giving up by the following weekend.  I  cannot remember the last project that I have actually finished.

Which is why my urge to start a business feels strange.  It has been there for the good part of a decade.  Granted, I haven’t done anything on this either, so I don’t know if it is just as bad or worse than my short attention span for other things, but that changes today.  I want to start a business.  Of course I want it to do well, but even if it doesn’t, it’s just one of my bucket list experiences that I absolutely have to do.  Now I just have to decided what kind of business to start.

My current fad is podcasting.  After hours of listening to Start Up by Gimlet Media, I now have a false sense of confidence that podcasting is a great idea for a business.  They make it sound challenging, but doable.  For a seasoned radio producer and former business consultant that is.  Of which I am neither of.  But ever the optimist.

I have 2.5 out of 8 essential business skills, slightly socially awkward interpersonal skills and no experience in producing audio of any kind (not sure high school film and tv class counts).  But I feel I have a good sense of what the finished product should sound like and the ability to craft a story.  The rest I can learn along the way.

As a kind of accountability tool I will write weekly posts on what I actually did to take a step closer to starting a business.


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