It Just Feels Write


As a kid you worry about growing up and becoming boring; a far off vision of being interested in the news and politics, while wearing knitwear and thinking it looks swell.  I hit one of those moments again over Christmas, when I realised I no longer any hobbies (I don’t think Netflix counts).  What did I do on weekends?  What do I say when making introductory small talk?  I was drawing a blank and I didn’t like it.

When thinking about what my hobbies should be, I asked myself, what is my passion?  Nothing sprang to mind and to be perfectly honest, having a passion has come second to study and work for a long time.  As I start to get to the age where I’m thinking about kids, having a passion has become more important.  I want my future kids to do what they love, something they are passionate about, but I feel that would be hollow advice if I didn’t do the same.  Therefore this year I resolved to find my passion and start pursuing it.

I have a need to make/create something.  That much was clear from my past hobbies.  I used to make fruit men and design things to print on t shirts, but these fell to the way side after the inspiration dried up when I stopped working in a fruit shop and my fashion sense changed greatly reducing the number of puns I now wear on my shirts.  As my job got progressively busier over the years I never replaced past hobbies as they disappeared.

I have written in some form for most of my life, but it never clicked as something I enjoyed, until I could publish.  That is what got me hooked.  It started with a poor attempt at fiction on myspace.  Then mildly humourous articles, copyright infringing parodies and more bad fiction on facebook notes.  Then I discovered wordpress where I cofounded the PoptArt blog, which was predominately movie and music reviews, littered with mildly humourous articles with pop culture references abound.  I think I gradually stopped writing as I grew out of what I used to write about.

10 years ago there was never any indication that I would want to be a writer.  Having Indian and Chinese parents, the focus was very much on maths and sciences.  I cared little for English class at school; I failed an exam in my senior year.  It just didn’t fit with the identity that was expected of me, held by myself and others.  But that somehow added another level to the appeal once I started writing and discovered that I enjoyed it.

And so this project is a concerted effort to take up writing again.  While I would be content if it remained as a hobby, I would be lying if I didn’t want it to become something more.  Hopefully my interest in personal finance and planning for an early retirement will mean that I will one day be a comfortable, rather than struggling, writer.  But that is a long way down the road, and it starts with the first step, this post.

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