The Creepiest Walk Home

We live in a gentrifying neighbourhood; note the present tense.  At times there are some moderately shady people around.  The odd time someone will throw an apple at you from across the street, but for the most part they are harmless.  After a two and a half years I thought I could handle walking past anyone in my neighbourhood; I was wrong.

Food Tourism: Japan

There are few universal truths in this world. We all die equal. Money doesn't buy happiness. The longer the line the better the food. And people love looking at food photos. So here's a look back on some of the tasty treats from our recent Japan trip; the third time round is almost as good as the first.

How to be a less shit entry level employee

"Where is the rebate in these numbers?" There was silence on the conference call as I filled up with dread. I had made a hundred thousand dollar mistake and circulated it to all of the directors. I simply missed it. There was no other reason. Luckily it was for a prospective purchase, so I hadn't actually lost a hundred thousand dollars (yet), but that was little comfort to me as the directors waited for my response. "Fuck, it's not there, I made a mistake."